Boudoir photography wasn’t the original plan. Seven-months pregnant, posing in lingerie for my photographer, and suddenly I was INSPIRED.  I never imagined I’d leave the session feeling so empowered and sexy and proud of my own body/mind/spirit.  I realized right then, that this was special, that more women should experience what I did.  So, I set out to spread the L-O-V-E!

Every woman is a unique and sensual beauty, and no two are alike.  I love representing each woman’s differences and bringing them into an artistic medium.  I spend my free time drinking coffee and wine with friends, laughing far more than Mr. Darcy would allow (any Pride & Prejudice lovers out there?), and all things “soft”.  Give me florals, and soft pinks, bright white spaces, gold, and sexy lingerie and I am in my happy place.  But, I adore getting to live, if even for an hour, in what another woman defines as sexy.  I may have my style, but with me, it’s really all about you.

Let me help you re-discover the you that you’ve forgotten, the you that you desire to be, the you that you get to immortalize.

I’m ready when you are!  Message me and we’ll get started or get my free Boudoir Planner below for tons of information.  Let’s get inspired!


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