Sometimes we forget that we are more than a business owner, doctor, nurse, stay-at-home-mom or a wife. We should make it a habit of stopping to smell the roses and do something nice for ourselves.

Introducing Mrs. H: She found an old photo of herself pre-husband and kids, contacted me and said she wanted to capture the moments of herself now for later. Her wish is to preserve the memories of today to look back on just like the old photo she found.

Here’s what she has to say.

Choose three words that describe you and what are your hobbies?  I am Funny.  Happy.  Caring.  I really don’t have any hobbies at the moment because I’m currently too busy to have one. I own and run a restaurant, so that keeps me pretty occupied!  Hopefully in the near future.

What style of music do you like to listen to? Definitely country.

Tell me what do you find most beautiful about yourself and why you did an intimate portrait session with Lani Khong Boudoir Photography?  I find my inner self to be the most beautiful about myself. After having two beautiful children, they have sculpted me a different body shape. I’ll have to admit, not having the tiny waist I used to once have was something I missed. But now I have this lovely curve that my babies gave me. So why not embrace it? I love the new me and I wanted something to have to look back on. And so I did it. I did a boudoir session with Lani and I enjoyed every minute of it.

best dallas boudoirbest dallas boudoirbest dallas boudoir

Mrs. H “Thank you for the experience!  I had fun letting loose and all those poses gave me a good workout!  I can’t wait to see them!!  I would love to share my photos in hopes that other women can build up the courage to also experience what I did.  It’s an awesome confidence booster for sure!  Live today but make sure you capture the moments for the future.”

What style was your makeup that day and what was the purpose of your session?  I did my own makeup with no specific style and it was a gift for myself because I DESERVE IT!!  I’m doing it for me!

best dallas boudoir

best dallas boudoir

How revealing were you comfortable with being? Were you shy? I am very comfortable with myself, so letting loose was not a problem at all!

best-dallas-boudoirbest dallas boudoir

What do you want to remember about YOU right now?  To always know that I am lovely inside and out.

Do you have a reaction story?  Even if it’s your own, I’d love to hear it!  And how was your experience with Lani Khong Boudoir Photography?  Building the courage to do it took time and I skipped a few beats when I set a date with Lani. When she worked with me and took my pictures I felt empowered, I felt sexy, I felt beautiful. Then came the anticipation of seeing my photographs; I was nervous. Now that I’ve seen them, I’m amazed and love them!!  Thank you Lani for the encouragement.  Now I have something to hold onto and look back on.  I’d totally do another Boudoir session with her!!

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