Some creative ways to gift your boudoir photos.

Each client has her own reason for wanting to pose for a boudoir session.  And every now and then I get a client who hires me, and she is doing the shoot purely for her own pleasure.  She wants to have the photos for her own appreciation of who she is, right now, at this special point in her life-whatever that may be.  I love shooting those sessions.

More often than not, though, my clients are looking to gift their photos to someone special in their lives.  These days you can get pretty creative with how you do it.   Here are some creative ways to gift your boudoir photos.

Photo Album

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The fantastic thing about photo albums or photo books, is that, no longer are they boring, generic covers with the peel-back plastic coating.  These days, photo albums are highly customizable and can be made for any occasion.  You can add a favorite quote or song lyric, perhaps a meaningful poem or even your wedding vows.  Want a small version that is easy to pack for the guy who travels on business a lot, easier?  Available with my collection is the little black book!

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I offer a luxury line of photo albums that make your collection of photos look BEAUTIFUL and will be something you’ll want to keep forever.   Something grander with silk prints from Italy, we can do it.  Then the only thing you need to worry about is how you’re going to wrap it (or not).  Give it to your love while wearing one of the outfits from the shoot and let him unwrap you!

Jump Drive

Lani Khong Boudoir Photography

If you thought the pocket watch would be tiny, this is even smaller.  If your love is constantly on his computer, or just a techie in general, a customizable jump drive is a great, low budget and practical gift.  I include a beautiful crystal coated USB drive when you purchase an album.  What I’ve noticed about guys, is that they never get around to printing photos.  So, snag the USB and print off a few favorites and sneak them into places he’ll look.  Avid reader? Sneak it into the next chapter of his book or behind the first fold of the newspaper.  Some of my other favorites are putting a photo in his briefcase/suitcase, above the car visor, in the gym bag, in a clothes drawer and in his shaving kit.  The possibilities are endless, and the surprise of wondering when he’ll find the next one is sexy.

Image Box

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Like I said before, guys are terrible at printing photos, so do it yourself.  Matted silk prints give the photos that extra “umph” of quality.  Keep a collection in a luxurious keepsake box that you love to display, or can be pulled out on a whim.  Even better, have a few framed in a portfolio mat and set them out on his nightstand every once in a while, for the reminder of how beautiful you are and how lucky he is.  The two of you knowing what is inside the keepsake box, while having it be unbeknown to others feels a little secretive and sultry.

Canvas or Metal Print

  boudoir wall art

This one isn’t exactly revolutionary in the world of photo display, but it sure looks good.  This needs to be a photo that you want to proudly display.  It also should be one that you don’t mind the occasional person who you’ve allowed to enter your bedroom/closet/master bath see.  Because, eventually, someone will, and it’s not worth feeling embarrassed.  Canvas and metal prints are great and look fantastic printed as sets of two or so and comes in a variety of sizes.

Wine Label

Giving a gift of wine is fine and good, but can you imagine how steamy things are going to get when those wine bottles are labeled with your boudoir photos?  You can have your labels custom made by Sticker You, including any text or pictures you want and shipped to you.  If you have the fancy printer then you can always print them yourself.  This site has all the information you need to learn how to remove, adhere, design and print your special and sexy wine labels.  I suggest ordering at least six labels, so you’ll have multiple occasions to enjoy the gift.  If your significant other isn’t a big wine drinker, there’s no reason this wouldn’t work for some good beer or their favorite whiskey, too.

Pocket Watch

Could you describe your guy as dapper? When you look at him does he have that Carey Grant charm that makes you swoon?  Or maybe he’s just old-fashioned.  While this is quite small for displaying a gift, pocket watches are very personal objects, and have a perfect spot for personal photo.  Imagine your love opening his pocket watch, and every time having no choice but to think of you.

Jewelry/Watch Box

This is probably the least public of all the options, and one of the best ones for including the most risqué of your photos.  Watch and jewelry boxes are rarely opened by anyone but the owner.  Adhere the photo, a black and white is best, to the underside of the top of the box, so when it is opened, your photo will be on display.  It’s like an instant confidence booster while your love is getting dressed!

My last suggestion is to consider who it is you are giving this gift to.  If they’re very conservative and would blush at the thought of anyone seeing your photo, maybe the large metal print isn’t the best choice.  If they (and you) couldn’t be prouder, then post that baby up on the wall!  Whatever you decide, they’re going to love it.  Save the ties and button-ups for that promotion gift and do something a little saucy!