The life of a boudoir photographer isn’t always the easiest to explain.  Say to someone that you’re a wedding photographer or a newborn photographer and no one bats an eyelash.  However, say you’re a boudoir photographer and odds are you’re going to get an awkward pause followed by either “Oh, that’s…nice” or “What is that”?  Boudoir photography is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, but let’s get something out of the way from the beginning, a popular misconception you might say: it’s not porn.  It does involve women, posing in their most confident poses, dressed in whatever makes them feel sexy, strong, and beautiful.  After that, it’s completely individualized to each woman’s requests.  Boudoir photography is about celebrating yourself.  Celebrating who you are right at that moment.  Top boudoir photographer in Dallas

Boudoir photography is a new trend of photography, but it’s concept is not.  Women have been posing in as much or as little clothing as they have wanted for ages.  The biggest difference is that boudoir photography isn’t for posters and magazines.  Although it can be, and if you want to put it up on your walls as art, do it, girl!  It can be just for yourself.  boudoir wall artMaybe you’ve reached a personal milestone and want to celebrate who you are right then.  It can be for your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/spouse.  Perhaps you’re getting married and want to give your spouse a special gift that’s just for him or her, there’s the Bridal Boudoir photography session.  Maybe you’ve had four children and you are damn proud of what your body has done and want to celebrate it.  The reasons are as vast and as varied as the women who pose for them.  And so is the style.

One of the fantastic things about my job is that I get to shoot each individual, each with a different personality, and idea of what makes them feel sexy.  For instance, boudoir photography isn’t all brides in veils and heels, nakedness and shadows.  Got a little sexy bookwork in you?  Awesome! Let’s build around that.  Inspired by your favorite romantic movie? Bring some props, we’ll get it done.  dallas boudoir photographerYou are already sexy, it’s my job to help bring that side out of you and show you how magnificent you already are.

So, let’s get into why you should try doing a boudoir photo shoot.  Posing for boudoir photography is empowering beyond belief.  It’s something you won’t quite understand until you are a few minutes into the shoot, or sometimes not until you’ve looked at your photos for the first time.  But once you feel it, it’s a little intoxicating.  Sometimes we forget that we are more than just a wife or a mother.  We forget that we were just us, and being that one thing again can make you feel naked.  The thing that’s fantastic about feeling naked again, is that you get to remember that this is you, in all your glory and all your flaws and you get to CELEBRATE it.

You may have decided to book a session because you wanted to give these photos as a gift.  So, you’re thinking, these really aren’t for me.  Lies, lies, lies.  These photos should first and foremost be for you.  I am capturing you in the fantastic state you are in right now.  Together we bring out a side of you that the world isn’t allowed to see, that stripped down, vulnerable side that exudes sexuality and sensuality.  Your personality will dictate what that means to you.  Bring your angel wings, bring your 6-inch black stilettos, bring your black leather biker vest, I’ll guide you throughout your photo shoot, make you feel comfortable, and make you look damn good.

Now think back to you originally were thinking that a boudoir photography session wasn’t for you (if you were).  Do you still think so?  If you are still having doubts that you couldn’t possibly do it, take a look through my portfolio gallery of boudoir sessions.  You’re going to see women of all shapes and sizes, from a wide range of ages, and totally different interpretations of what makes them sexy.  They took the plunge and not one of them regretted it.  dallas boudoir photographer
Forever they’ll have photos of themselves to look back on, where they look sexier than they ever have in their lives, more confident than they ever dreamed they’d be.

I photograph either at a location of your choosing or in my Frisco studio in a bedroom-like setting.  The bedroom is most likely the space you feel the most comfortable in, and the more comfortable you feel, the more natural your photos will turn out.  You bring your favorite lingerie, robe, veil etc. and my team works their magic on your hair and make-up, while you relax or get psyched up with your favorite music. You do what you need to do to get in the moment, and I’ll be ready with the camera.

Now that you know what boudoir photography really is, let’s get to work!


The studio is located in FRISCO, TX and serves Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, and the surrounding DFW metroplex.