Change • Beauty • Love • Life

Working on this Vanity Fair inspired image of @teresacolorist, she’s #onebeautifulmom! Pregnancy is an organic, powerful beauty and I have to admit….I do miss being pregnant! Probably the most amazing experience a woman goes through at least once in her life.

Wait, there is such a thing as maternity boudoir? I’m here to say YES! Boudoir isn’t just for those that aren’t pregnant, it’s for everyone and every body. Each woman’s body is unique and a pregnant woman’s body is an entirely different kind of beauty. It represents change, beauty, love and most of all life. What better time to embrace your femininity and your ability as a woman to create new life.

I can help document this beautiful and special time in your life through maternity boudoir photography.  The best time to photograph is between your 6 -7 months of pregnancy.  Make sure you book in advance as I book out as far as a month.  Hope to get to work with you and your baby bump!