I know you’ve been thinking about doing a boudoir photoshoot, but waiting for the right moment.  Am I right?

At times, it seems a bit challenging to feel comfortable in yourself; you feel you’re not in great shape, that you need to meet some certain goals you’ve set before you can start acting confident, and that you need a significant other before you feel accepted. However, if you can look within you and accept that you are beautiful; not minding how people or society defines beauty, then you will live a happy life.  A true path to happiness is accepting who you are, while still doing your best to be who you want to be. Confidence is everything, whether you are curvy or skinny, you need to come to terms with yourself and brace up!  Every woman is uniquely beautiful and is fabulous in her own way!

I love what I do: boosting my client’s confidence. To me, the boosting of confidence is everything. I help women feel good about themselves and also help them to be true to themselves. There is no cajoling in it; it’s the truth. If you feel comfortable with yourself, it will enhance people’s perception about you.

I have worked with a lot of plus size clients in the past, and a large number of them felt insecure about their stature, thought they weren’t beautiful enough; not sexy enough. It was as if a cloud always hovered over them.  I think experiencing this type of photoshoot is about accepting yourself to feel sexy…even when you are not wearing lingerie.

I had a BEAUTIFUL client (let’s call her Ms. L) a few months ago who was in the process of losing weight, and she didn’t think she could have her pictures taken until she met her weight goal. I assured her not to wait, that she was beautiful just as she is!  

A lot of women are like Ms. L. I think society has made it quite impossible, or let’s say, difficult for women to appreciate ourselves. We tend to compare ourselves with the ‘exquisite’ and ‘glamorous’ celebrities we see on shows. This could sometimes put a heavy burden on us which only we can set free.

Here’s a snippet of our conversation from a few months ago.  Maybe this will help you be true to yourself and help you put aside any barrier that could cause you from building up confidence.

Ms. L: I’ve never done anything like this before.

Me: 90% of my clients hasn’t either.

Ms. L: I don’t want to wear lingerie.

Me: No worries, you wear what is most comfortable for you because you don’t necessarily need to be in lingerie to look or feel sexy!

Ms. L: I’m scared.

Me: Not to worry, I will make it as comfortable as possible and will be there to guide you throughout your session. 5 minutes in and that fear will be forgotten.  You’ll have so much fun and rock your session!

Ms. L: Too bad I don’t have a boyfriend to give these to.

Me: Girl, you don’t need a significant other to do this for, do it for your present and your future self!

Ms. L: Oh yeah, you’re right. OK. Let’s do this!

Me: That’s my girl!

She then set her fears aside and reserved her session date with me.  During the waiting process I kept in touch with her, helped her with wardrobe choices and ideas.  Came day of her very first Boudoir photography session I took her pictures in as many styles and variations as she liked, and we had so much fun!  Roughly two weeks later, I showed her the pictures, and her response was:

 OMMMMMG! I love them. Wow! You’re amazing!! Thank you again!!! I felt so comfortable with you and I love your professionalism. You made this process easy and doable. Thanks for seeing something in me! That makes me feel special and I really appreciate that.

Isn’t she lovely?  You can tell she got very relaxed and comfortable with me.  😉

dallas-glamour-photographytop-glamour-photography-in-dallas top dallas glamour photographybest dallas boudoir photography best-boudoir-photography-in-dallas best-boudoir-photography-in-dallas best-boudoir-photography-in-dallasbest-dallas-boudoir-photography Is this a lifetime experience? Yes and no. You can do this once for your bucket list; or you can do it year after year, in as many styles or variations that your ritualistic self would like, and it will feel like a new and exciting experience each time.  THAT  I can promise you so come on…let me be your Boudoir photographer!